Getting your own e-bike might get even easier

We support staff in getting their own bike at SCFT; cycling can help boost wellbeing and save money on travel and our salary sacrifice scheme makes it a more affordable option.

Getting your own e-bike might get even easier

Cycle to Work scheme

The Cycle To Work Scheme (CTW) is a government bicycle hire scheme that allows you to get a new bike and safety equipment (lights, lock, clothing etc.) and receive a tax discount during the hire period. Members will have the option to retain the assets after the hire period comes to an end. Terms and conditions apply but if you’re directly employed by SCFT and on a permanent contract – or a fixed term contract lasting more than twelve months from application – there’s a very good chance you’ll be eligible to take part.

The Trust is signed up to two CTW schemes; the second was added in 2020 to offer a higher limit which makes e-bikes an option.

How to use the schemes

For bikes and equipment up to £1000: Cycle Solutions – online or through local cycle stores – https://www.cyclesolutions.co.uk/sussexnhs (for nearest store search here: https://www.cyclesolutions.info/find-a-bike-shop).

For bikes and equipment between £1001 and £2000: Green Commute Initiative – local bike stores only – https://greencommuteinitiative.uk/employees/ (store search is on that web page). If you’re asked for an employer code, it’s SCFTGCI.

Once the bike and/ or equipment has been chosen the provider will send the application through to the Trust Finance team to approve.  This usually happens within 3 working days, but please bear with the team on this.

The Trust approves applications for eligibility but doesn’t process the application itself; any questions relating to the scheme terms including the progress of your application should be directed to the scheme provider you’ve selected. In the unlikely event that you aren’t happy with the service you receive from the provider please contact Jim Thomas.

Our new proposal

We are currently assessing the possibility of increasing the amount available to £3,000 with a 24-month repayment time. This would include many higher-quality bikes with a longer range, at a more affordable monthly repayment price which may encourage more people to take up an e-bike. We’ll make sure to share this news once confirmed.

Benefits of an active commute

There are many benefits of choosing to travel by bike, it’ll increase your level of physical activity which can have a positive knock-on effect improving your mental health and wellbeing.

Not to mention the carbon savings you’d be making and the reduction in local air pollution.

Even if you’ve been put off by a challenging route or you are not a strong cyclist, an e-bike is a great solution as the pedal assist will help to take the edge off.

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