Get ready for World Car Free Day 2022!

This Thursday is World Car Free Day where we are encouraged to leave our cars at home and walk, cycle or use public transport.

Get ready for World Car Free Day 2022!

22 years of less cars on the road

World Car Free day is now in its 22nd year, and so far, the event has encouraged many to leave the cars behind and reduce their environmental impact.

Cars offer a convenient way to get around, but at what cost? Every year passenger cars are responsible for about three billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. If every car was left at home for just one day in the year this would prevent over eight million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Carbon emissions are bad for both the planet and for our health, the more we can do to reduce this pollution and improve air quality – the healthier our community and planet will become.

What if I need to drive?

If you need to drive, consider if you could car share and maximise the number of passengers in your car to avoid the need for extra vehicles, this will help to reduce congestion too.

Alternatively, even working from home could support World Car Free Day if it will reduce the use of your car.

Why should I get involved?

This video explores some of the many benefits of choosing to leave the car at home such as allowing ourselves to be more in the moment and experience our surrounding from a different perspective, as well as improving fitness and reducing the use of fossil fuels and associated air pollution, just to name a few.

Car Free Day doesn’t only have to come just once a year, to stay motivated and reduce the amount of journeys made by car in the longer term, pledge to take one less car journey on the dare section of our website.