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Tree planting at Mill View and Hellingly

Organisation: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Sussex


What's the idea?

Supporting nature and wildlife at NHS sites is important; it improves our local environment and is good for physical and mental health. Sussex Partnership have planted over 100 trees at Mill View Hospital and Hellingly Centre. Teams planted trees from NHS Forest’s Wellbeing Bundle, which included Silver Birch, Cherry Tree and Rowan tree saplings.

The 60 saplings planted at Mill View Hospital will provide a wildlife corridor and a protective border to the site.

The 50 saplings planted at Hellingly Centre will improve biodiversity, create shaded areas for privacy and cooling benefits and finally, enhance the site visually, creating a welcoming environment for all staff and visitors.



person planting tree into ground

Impact of the project

Reduces air pollution

Trees reduce air pollution, purifying the air around us. They store carbon dioxide in their trunks, roots, leaves, and soil.
tree roots

Aids wildlife habitats

Trees provide shelter (resting and nesting) and food for wildlife. Boosting wildlife around the UK helps protects animals, insects, and nature.
cottontail rabbit in field

Provides more privacy

Trees within a healthcare setting help provide privacy for patients, visitors and staff.
trees on NHS site

How you could implement a similar idea

Do a site walk and see where you might have space for trees at your site.

Consider what is native to the area and would work well with other plants and trees around.

Consider health and safety precautions when planting trees, for example do you want trees that won’t grow too tall?

Once you know what might work, speak with your Estates team to explore what might be possible.

Resources to get you started

Check out our blog on How trees benefit our hospitals and what they can do for our environment.


For more information on what tree bundles NHS Forest offer (free of charge) visit:


Check out this video from the NHS Forest conference on biodiversity and resilience: NHS Forest conference 2022: Biodiversity and Resilience (




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