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Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes

Organisation: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Brighton & Hove

Evolving Care

What's the idea?

Pharma has a very high carbon footprint, so reducing use helps cut emissions. Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes (MOCH) teams are specialist teams of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working within a Multi-Disciplinary Team. At Sussex Community, our MOCH team has a focus on optimising medicines use for care home residents, ensuring people get the right choice of medicines, at the right time, and are engaged in the process. The team have ongoing discussions with patients, next-of-kin, and care home staff to review several aspects of their medication.

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Impact of the project

Improved Care

Optimising the patient’s medication has numerous sustainability benefits: better patient outcomes, avoided harmful side-effects, and reduced wastage.
Photo of patient having blood pressure taken

Reduced pharma waste

Over a 3-month period it was estimated that patients and carers, with support and supervision, chose to stop over 5,600 unnecessary prescriptions.
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Lower carbon emissions

The amount they saved for just under 1200 patients was the equivalent to 570 trips from London to Edinburgh in a car.
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How you could implement a similar idea

  • As a Clinician, review medications with your patients and speak to them about more sustainable options.
  • As a patient, explore medication options with your Clinician and attend medication reviews when scheduled.

Resources to get you started

There are lots of other NHS partners around the UK now rolling out similar programmes following the NHS England Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes Programme guidance, check out medicines-optimisation-in-care-homes-programme-overview.pdf ( for more information.


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