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EV charging infrastructure rollout

Organisation: Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Sussex


What's the idea?

We need to tackle the journeys we make as part of delivering care to meet our Net Zero Carbon target by 2040. We want to make sure that the transport and travel that links our care, and our communities is low cost, low carbon and supports wellbeing.

One way is to use transport that has low carbon pollution. SPFT have therefore installed eight electric vehicle (EV) charging points at Amberstone, to support the full EV fleet. SPFT’s Chichester site has also developed from one socket to four, enough to support the fleet and additional staff charging.

This gives the Trust good geographical spread across the region and allow fleet vehicles to top up as they move around.

A second phase of roll out of EV charging points will follow for additional sites including Langley Green in Crawley.

EV charging symbol in parking space

Impact of the project

Improving air quality

Electric vehicles create zero emissions when in use, helping to reduce air pollution locally and minimise carbon pollution from travel.
map of sussex showing air quality

Saving money

Running vehicles on electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel, and ensures a more reliable supply in the longer term.
coins stacked on each other with saplings growing out of them

Making EV more accessible

Access to charge points enables more EV vehicles to be used for the Trust fleet, and builds staff confidence in investing in EV's for their own commute to work.
EV charging point on wall

How you could implement a similar idea

If you would like to see more EV charge points where you work, contact your Estates department in the first instance.

Conduct research into which sort of electric vehicles might best suit your needs at work, for example can it carry a lot of equipment? Does it need to be refrigerated?

ev charger plugged into car

Resources to get you started

Guidance from NHS Property Services on safe EV charging:


If you don't yet have EV charge points on site, an app like Zap Map can help you find the closest charge points to your location which helps take the stress out of driving an EV.



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