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Eastbourne District General Hospital: The UK’s first 100% renewably heated hospital

Organisation: East Sussex Healthcare Trust
Location: Eastbourne

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What's the idea?

In 2020 East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust set out on a journey to become the first renewably heated hospital in the United Kingdom. The Trust has an ambitious Heat Decarbonisation Plan and experience of delivering energy projects with partner, the Carbon and Energy Fund, at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings. Working with the Carbon and Energy Fund, the Trust applied for £28million of Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund money to deliver a landmark project for the NHS at Eastbourne Hospital.

The project was divided into three parts:

  • Fabric – A complete insulated over-cladding, double-glazing and roof insulation installation to improve the thermal efficiency.
  • Heat Generation - Replacement of the steam heating with 8MWth multi-stage heat pump system, providing renewable heat to the building.
  • Electricity Generation – Installation of a 1.1MWp solar photovoltaic array over the carpark, providing clean electricity to offset part of the site electricity import and the cost of operating the heat pump system.

It was important to clad the building first, to help lower building temperatures which helps make the heat pumps more efficient.

The car park solar panels will help to enhance the heat provided by the pumps, to ensure a robust system is in place. 

ESHT solar car park with heatpumps in front

Impact of the project

Improved patient experience

5,000sqm of cladding, 2,000sqm of double glazing, 17,000sqm of Bauder Roof Insulation all help keep patients cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Eastbourne General Hospital with new cladding

Lowering carbon pollution

The heatpumps and solar panels will save around 4,100 tonnes of carbon per year.
cartoon of doctor with air pollution in background

1,000,000kWh of electricity each year

The solar panels in the car park will create 1,000,000kWh of electricity each year, taking pressure off the grid and cutting carbon pollution.

How you could implement a similar idea

Prepare a business case with your estates team which you can use to support any funding bids

Chat with your estates team on other ways to cut carbon pollution within your healthcare buildings

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