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Air source heat pumps lowers trust’s carbon footprint

Organisation: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Chailey Westfield Building


What's the idea?

Two new air source heat pumps have successfully been installed and commissioned at SCFT’s Chailey site to reduce carbon pollution from energy use, replacing the old gas boilers that were previously being used to provide heat to the building. The heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air, even during the winter months, and pumping this into the building where it serves the existing underfloor heating system.

air source heat pumps

Impact of the project

Cleaner energy

Gas boilers release greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when burning, whereas air source heat pumps reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and in fact improve air quality.
section of the air source heat pumps

Lowering our carbon pollution

For every one unit of electricity put into the heat pumps, they produce 3 units of heat and so they create less carbon pollution than equivalent gas boilers.
cartoon of doctor with air pollution in background

Working together works

This project was funded via a combination of Trust capital funding and grant funding awarded through Phase 3a of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. Money used on more sustainable projects, saves money in the long term.
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How you could implement a similar idea

Prepare a business case with your estates team which you can use to support any funding bids

Chat with your estates team on other ways to cut carbon pollution within your healthcare buildings

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