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Share your ideas – online and in person – to inspire others and help create a sense of collective action locally to Net Zero.  

Care Challenge Share image
Care Challenge Share image

We're asking you to:

  • SHARE your story on social media 
  • DISCUSS with your team at work 
  • KEEP US IN THE LOOP with progress on your challenge 
  • TELL US about Zero Hero's where you work 

Together we can reduce carbon emissions to help reduce patient admissions. 

Share resources

We've got some great graphics you can share on social media to help grow awareness of Net Zero Carbon, and what is happening to make it a reality.

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Keep us in the loop

The more we can share the progress that is being made the more encouraging it is for us all to keep working towards Net Zero Carbon healthcare. Tell us how you are getting in with projects, ideas and team discussions; it will help us keep our ideas and success stories up to date for everyone.

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Check out the ideas hub

You'll find all the inspiration you need when it comes to ways to achieve Net Zero Carbon on our ideas hub. Rate your favourites to shine a spotlight on the ideas that inspire you the most. 

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Meet our Zero Heroes

If you know a Zero Hero tell us and we'll add them to our heroes' gallery; together we can make sustainable healthcare happen today.

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