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Challenge: Send an idea

Whether it is just a thought or a project in full swing, send in your idea for how you're challenging the way we work in order to deliver more sustainable healthcare. 

We'll collate all the ideas to help inspire others who want to make a difference but aren't sure what is possible. 

Once you send us an idea if we have any questions we'll drop you an email so we can make sure we capture all the right info to add it to our ideas page.  

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Care Challenge Share image

Together we can achieve Net Zero Carbon healthcare.

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Sorry, we are not currently accepting challenge ideas from outside of our existing partner NHS Trusts. 

Please get in touch if you would like to partner with Care Without Carbon.

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How your organisation is taking action to deliver Net Zero Carbon

Across Sussex, we use the Care Without Carbon framework to shape our approach to delivering more sustainable healthcare. Our work is focused around eight core workstreams ('elements').



Evolving Care

With 80% of our carbon emissions determined
by how we deliver care, a focus on the ways we
can challenge and change how we work
clinically is essential.


This element covers decarbonising our
fleet, supporting active travel and
digital transformation of care.


From the energy used to run our building
to the green spaces that can boost our
wellbeing and support biodiversity on our sites
this element ensures our work covers the
places where we deliver care.


To achieve Net Zero Carbon we need a culture
shift that truly embeds sustainability into how
we think about and deliver our work whether
that is clinical or non-clinical.

Circular Economy

Reduce, reuse and recycle is the key focus
for this element in our Green Plan. From what
we buy and who from to how we dispose of it
is covered under this.


We are working through this element to
support people in making sustainable choices
that will benefit wellbeing in both
mind and body.

Climate Adaptation

This section of work looks at how we can
build resilience to our changing climate to ensure
we can continue to deliver care
for our communities.

Partnership and Collaboration

The massive scale of transformation needed
to deliver Net Zero means that enhancing our
effort through collaborative working is
essential. It is only together that we can
achieve Net Zero.