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What is a Care Without Carbon Envoy?

Our Envoys are people who care about tackling the environmental impact of healthcare. They want to see change happen; and are prepared to give a little time to ensure it does. 

Our Envoy programme is currently running at Sussex Community, Sussex Partnership and First Community. 

Who can become an Envoy?

Anyone can be a Care Without Carbon Envoy! Including you. Let’s work together for change. 

Whether clinical or non-clinical, everyone has a part to play in delivering Net Zero and is welcome to join as an Envoy for our participating Trusts. You don’t need to be a sustainability expert; we’ll share knowledge and information to support you. 

From a junior to a senior role, everyone can play a part in reducing carbon for healthier lives.  

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What does it involve?

The request is simple; Envoy's bring sustainability as an agenda item into regular team meetings for information and discussion.  

The Care Without Carbon team will provide a toolkit which is themed around a particular sustainability issue. The contents will help inform what you bring to the team meetings and help with ways to explore it together and ideas for action you could take.

The Envoy role is very much a work in progress, and we'll work with our Envoys to shape and develop the role over time, with scope for Envoys to get much more involved if they would like to. 

How do I get involved?

You just need to get your line manager to sign off on you becoming an Envoy as it is a commitment within your existing role.

“We can’t do it all but I do believe that every one of our positive choices and actions are connective and co-operative, creating unstoppable tipping points for the changes we want, literally right across the planet. I think we should be proud of that"

Want to become an Envoy?

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