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Get informed on why it matters and what the plan is. Be curious and explore what sustainable healthcare is all about. Do it a little or do it a lot, what matters is that you learn more about why Net Zero matters and how we can get there. 

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Care Challenge Share image

Every journey begins with a step – take yours now…

Discover more through our animation, reading your Green Plan or looking at our range of resources on reducing carbon for healthier lives.



"Climate change is directly impacting our health; in Sussex the 2022 heatwave alone created hundreds of excess deaths, flooding events also take a toll on health and mental wellbeing."


Green Plans

Across the NHS, all Trusts must have a Green Plan in place which sets out how they will reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040; these are the Green Plans within Sussex.

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Check out our Resources section for plenty of other ideas for integrating sustainability principles into your project.

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Become a Care Without Carbon Envoy

Our Envoys are supported in talking about sustainable healthcare with their teams via regular themed toolkits throughout the year. These keep you, and your team updated on the key topics that will ensure the actions set out in the Green Plan are delivered.

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