Free Dr Bike safety checks and maintenance for SCFT staff

Have you got a bike in the shed or garage that could do with a bit of TLC? Now is the time to dig it out as we are hosting three Dr Bike sessions across various SCFT sites. The sessions are free of charge and include a bike safety check as well as maintenance, you’ll leave with a fully road-worthy bike to help you to travel in a more sustainable way.

Bicycle repair

Safety first!

If you cycle regularly and would like peace of mind that your bike is in good working order, bring it along so that it can be checked and serviced by the team. It may just be that you need a bit more air in your tyres or some oil on the chain to make your ride that bit smoother.

If you haven’t ridden in a while and have been meaning to get your brakes adjusted or that puncture repaired, this is a great opportunity and can be incorporated into your working day. You’ll be back on your bike in no time.

When and where?

The sessions will be held at the below sites during September:

  • Mon 12th                Brighton General Hospital
  • Weds 14th               Horsham Hospital
  • Thurs 15th               Bognor Regis Hospital

To book your session please contact:

  • Brighton: email sc-tr.travelbureau@nhs.net
  • Horsham: call Stephen Partlett on 3199
  • Bognor: call Anita Sturdey on ext. 8615

The benefits of cycling are clear

Cycling is a great low-carbon way to get around and can also help in improving your physical health and wellbeing. A carbon calculator is a great way to measure the impact you’re having by choosing to cycle, for example, a ten-mile round commute by car would generate 720kg of carbon dioxide equivalent annually. To compensate for this, over 25 trees would need to be planted.

Air quality is improved when more of us choose to cycle as we reduce the number of cars on the road. Many people within the community have health conditions such as asthma, that are negatively impacted by poor air quality. Cycling is a great mode of transport that can be used to benefit our health and the health of others.

Cycling allows us to incorporate more regular physical activity into our day. A benefit of cycling to and from work is the added exercise boost, during time that would have otherwise behind the wheel or on public transport. Travelling by bike can also reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases by as much as 35%, and the risk of premature mortality by up to 30%.

Research also shows that getting more active through cycling can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and boost endorphins the feel-good hormone.

You can also make great cost savings through cycling more often as you’ll find yourself refuelling your car a lot less and buying fewer tickets for public transport. The most significant cost of cycling is buying a bike in the first place, however, at SCFT we have a Cycle to Work Scheme which can help to spread the cost and make it even easier to start travelling more sustainably.

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