Five Reasons to Walk to Work

Travel Smarter September is our campaign to encourage people to ditch the car for less carbon intensive options. Walking has to be the best way to get from A to B when comes to being low carbon. We share five reasons why walking to work is the sensible choice.

Five Reasons to Walk to Work

Walk it your way...

As part of our Travel Smarter September campaign we’re encouraging everyone to choose less polluting ways of getting around.

It might be that you work from home more now, so a walk to work isn’t the one you can take on, but there are bound to be other journeys such as the school run, a weekly shop, a trip to the gym etc that could be done on foot, at least some of the time.

Why do we love walking so much? We’ve got five good reasons…

  1. It is free: Walking costs you nothing. Think of all the money you could save on fuel and wear and tear on your car by making those shorter journey’s by foot instead. Cutting down travel spend could help if finances are stressful right now too.
  2. It can be as good for you as a run: If you hate the idea of going for a run or a jog, the good news is that a brisk walk can be just as good. and canĀ  offer similar reductions in risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.
  3. A walk offers great mental health benefits: While the physical benefits of getting more active may be obvious, the mental health boost of a good walk is also significant. Just 12 minutes of brisk walking can boost mood and confidence. If you can get out in nature for your walk all the better, with studies showing it can help reduce over-thinking or dwelling on negatives and therefore help reduce depression.
  4. Time for yourself: A walk may take longer than hopping in the car but it gives you time to yourself. If you can swap the car and walk your commute instead that gives you processing time each day to get into a work frame of mind on the way in, and unwind and get ready for home life at the end of your working day.
  5. See what is around you: Driving demands a real focus on the road and often you’ll miss seeing the world around you. A walk opens up your area and you’ll spot things you never noticed before, try and notice things that lift your mood, perhaps a garden you pass that attracts birds, or the open sky and a great view, maybe even a cat on a wall. This sort of mindful walking is a great boost for mental wellbeing too.

We could go on, walking really is a wonder-activity! And we haven’t even mentioned the carbon free bonus of a good walk.

Why not make our ‘active commute’ pledge to build more regular walking into your life?


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