Fitness fights cancer

World Cancer Day is February 4th. We can all help to fight cancer by building physical activity into our week.

breathe easy work out at work

What is World Cancer Day?

Every year across the world, people come together to show support for the fight against cancer.

Charities such as Cancer Research UK promote fund raising activities to help continue vital research into cancer treatments.

This year it takes place on Sunday 4th February.

Fight cancer every day

You don’t have to wait for an annual day to do you bit in the fight against cancer. We can call help to fight it every day.

Let’s get physical

Olivier Newton John had the right message, getting physical is a great way to reduce the risk of cancer.

It isn’t just about weight loss, or boosting the heart muscles. Physical activity can help to regulate hormones in the body too.

In particular it can help lower oestrogen  and insulin levels which can reduce the risk of breast and womb cancers.

Being more active also helps to process food more quickly through the body, which can reduce the risk of bowel cancers.

Find out more on the Cancer Research UK website.

Every little helps

Building physical activity into your week can be easier than you think.

Try some of the following and see if you can start a new good habit!

  • Walk to work one day per week
  • Cycle to the shops
  • Get out at lunch every day for 15 minutes for a quick walk (our take a walk dare could help you keep this up!)
  • Go for a swim straight after work

Even doing something like the hoovering can be good for you – if you do it vigorously!

Find more ways to get active here.