Festive greetings don’t need to cost the earth

Christmas cards are a tradition but we can do it differently to reduce waste and be a bit kinder to the environment.

Festive greetings don’t need to cost the earth

Don't send me a card

We’ve been sending Christmas cards since the 1840’s but in our climate challenged times it feels a bit outdated and unnecessary.

A new online venture offers you the chance to donate to charity instead, and it sends an e-card for you to let people know what you’ve donated in place of them getting a card. It’s called Dont send me a card, and while they do take a % of what you donate it does mean that charities benefit and no waste is created.

You could do it yourself, and create an e-card to share with family and friends, or even post on social media in a broad brush festive sweep of all those you know. The sentiment is there; I’m thinking of you, but the waste isn’t.

Similarly, at work, add a festive footer to your emails, wishing everyone a happy Christmas and letting them know you’re trying to reduce #waste by sending this e-greeting. This website has some free designs you can use.

Bake your message in a biscuit

Slightly more time consuming idea here; but bear with us as it is nice one.

Bake a batch of extra large biscuits and ice a happy christmas message on each.

Then schedule an afternoon of quick stop visits to friends and family who live locally and hand deliver your festive greetings in person.

This also works well for colleagues, just leave a big plate in your work kitchen/breakout space with a note that they are from you instead of a card.

If sending a card is a must-do festive tradition

If you really would hate to not send any cards this Christmas, there are still lots of ways to do it in a way that is more of a help than a hindrance to the wider world…

Make your own cards which reduces plastic waste and packaging. You can recycle old newspaper to cut out paper xmas trees and stick them to some card, or potato print your designs onto card and brown wrapping paper for  a coordinated gift card combo.

A neat idea is to send the card you received last year back to the person who sent it, but with a personal note for the year inside, for example, 2019 the year I moved house, and they can do the same for you next year, and each year your shared story grows in the card as it travels between you so it becomes so much more personal than just another Christmas card.

Alternatively choose charity Christmas cards so you are giving a little something back to where it is needed.

Whatever you decide, we wish you a very Merry Christmas! (we’re saying here instead of in a card! 🙂 )