Envoys Ahoy!

Care Without Carbon Envoys have been in post 6 months, they are helping us to create a greener NHS

Envoys Ahoy!

Meet the Envoys

At the start of the year we set out to recruit staff to join the Care Without Carbon Envoy programme.

We called them Envoys because they are our voice out in the Trust, they help to spread the message that we can all do something to create a greener NHS and boost our wellbeing in the workplace.

Our ambition is to have Envoys in every community of practice, and we’re almost half way there this year.

Here are our Envoys…

  • Maureen Downs, HIV Nurse, Crawley Hospital
  • Steve Dorsett, Facilities Assistant, Horsham Hospital
  • Marianne Marden-Grove, Ward Matron, Crowborough War Memorial Hospital
  • Glenys Tupper, Health Visitor,┬áRiverbank Medical Centre
  • Sally Anker, Proactive Care Co-ordinator, Shoreham Health Centre
  • Lynda Newland , Facilities Lead, Brighton General Hospital
  • Rebecca Rose, Speech and Language Therapist, Brighton General Hospital
  • Neil Cooper, Travel Administrator, Brighton General Hospital
  • Clare Maloney Hospital @ Home Senior Nurse, Brighton General Hospital

They are committed to 12 months in the role, with the option to roll on for another 12 months if they would like to. During that time they support our work at the sites where they are based, and work towards two goals that will help us get closer to becoming a more sustainable healthcare provider.


A look at the goals

Every Envoy can choose their own goals, the only caveat is that they must support Care Without Carbon and/or boost wellbeing for staff.

Over the first six months we’ve already made some great progress.

We’re looking at hydration for ward based nurses, and survey findings will help inform discussions to support access to drinking water during ward based shifts. It should also help increase the use of refillable water bottles so we waste less plastic with disposable cups.

One nursing team are cycling to patient visits, saving time in traffic, cutting air pollution and saving money too, plus they are getting fitter while they work. Next step is to secure an electric bike for the team to use.

Other goals are looking at reducing waste, reducing car use for commuting and work travel, and raising awareness of Care Without Carbon.

We’re supporting this work with regular contact with the Care Without Carbon team, workshops and tele conferences to help promote a network so Envoys can support each other as time moves forward.

This October is our 6 month milestone with a workshop featuring guidance from the QI team, a talk on how to be an advocate for change and an opportunity to work through the goals to take them to the next phase. It’s going to be an exciting 6 months!

Would you like to be an Envoy?

We will be recruiting more Envoys in the new year, so get in touch with hayleycarmichael@nhs.net if you’d like to register your interest.