Enter our Green Wards Competition at SCFT

The Care Without Carbon team are working with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to offer staff at Sussex Community the chance to take part in the Green Wards Competition.

Enter our Green Wards Competition at SCFT

What is the Green Wards Competition?


The Green Wards programme offers clinical staff in healthcare organizations the opportunity to run projects to  improve the quality & efficiency of the care that they deliver.  Projects are devised that  make your work:

1)more environmentally friendly

2)Increase staff and patient health & wellbeing

3)more financially sustainable

Healthcare generates a huge carbon footprint with a potential to harm the environment and the health of people living near and attending healthcare facilities as well as the wider population.

In the UK, NHS Trusts have been challenged to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  The action of clinical teams is essential to achieving this aim!

What does it involve?

Teams must apply to participate in the competition and we’re recruiting teams from April onwards until late June/early July.

We run a 90 minute workshop with each individual team, introducing the idea of sustainable healthcare and analysing processes, pathways and practices in the ward/service. These will take place in September.

Based on the analysis of the work of the ward/service, the team designs a project, making changes to reduce the impact of clinical practice on the environment, improve the service for patients & staff, as well as making financial savings.

Projects are run over a period of 8 weeks once agreed at the workshops with mentoring from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.

Projects are judged by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and prizes awarded at a Trust-wide award ceremony. The winning team receives a cash prize of £500 to reinvest in a sustainability project.

The most promising projects are spread locally or nationally so you can help the wider NHS become more sustainable too so we can all deliver Care Without Carbon.

Email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org to apply as a team.