Enter the Green Team Competition at SCFT!

The Care Without Carbon team are working with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to offer staff at Sussex Community the chance to take part in the Green Team Competition.

Enter the Green Team Competition at SCFT!

What is this about?

Healthcare generates a huge carbon footprint, contributing to climate change and the health effects of climate change.  All this undermines the efforts of healthcare staff to support the health of their communities.  The NHS has announced its commitment to reduce the climate change effect of healthcare services and achieve ‘net zero carbon emissions’ by 2040. The expertise and action of clinical teams is essential to achieving this aim.  We need your help! 

Calling all Sussex Community teams! 

The Care Without Carbon team are making it possible for 6 teams at Sussex Community NHS Trust to take part in the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare’s (CSH’s) flagship sustainable  leadership programme, the Green Team Competition.   

The selected teams will have the opportunity to receive mentoring to come up with an impactful idea to make their work more environmentally sustainable, planning and running a sustainable quality improvement project, measuring the impact (including support with carbon foot-printing) and writing up their work as a case study so that it can be spread as an example for other teams. 

How to apply

  • Teams apply to be one of the 6 teams receiving mentoring as part of the competition by the 2 project leads completing this application form https://forms.gle/rWtJ9BkTcRxKxoXn8 
  • 2 project leads are those who will be actively managing the project; these leads should be capable of engaging others and putting together a project team.   
  • A Green Team is a group who have come together to run a sustainable quality improvement project as part of the competition.  This means that they do not need to be part of the same clinical team, department, or professional group.  They should have an area of work in common but can be from different specialties or professional groups.  It is participation in the competition that is the defining feature of a Green Ward team. 

What will successful teams do?

  • The 6 teams who are selected to take part in the competition will receive mentoring in sustainable healthcare starting with a bespoke 90 minute, interactive, online workshop for each team.  During workshops the facilitators use a range of methods to help teams generate ideas for a sustainability project in their ward or department. 
  • Teams run projects over 10 weeks with mentoring from The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH), during which teams make a change and measure impact (with the guidance of a mentor from CSH).   
  • At the end of the 10-week project period the teams submit a project write up (including their data and data interpretation). 
  • At a Trust-wide online, interactive judging and award gathering all teams will present their projects to an appreciative audience.  A cash prize of £500 to be reinvested into a sustainability project is awarded to the team whose project has made the greatest impact in increasing the sustainability in the Trust, or has the greatest potential to do so. 


  • 7th June 2021; application period opens  
  • 5th July 2021, 9am; application period closes & shortlisting starts  
  • July 14th 2021; successful shortlisted teams contacted   
  • 21st-23rd September 2021; workshops & start of project period 
  • 8th December 2021; deadline for project write ups and data to be submitted  
  • March 2022; judging and awards 

To apply:  

Google Form application link   – simply fill in this form.


About the Green Ward Competition:

The Green Team Competition/Green Ward competition, an award-winning, tried & tested leadership and engagement programme to transform healthcare by cutting carbon, improving patient care and staff experience, and saving money. The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare have been successfully reducing environmental impact and building social value in healthcare through the Green Ward Competitions for 9 years. You can view previous impact reports and case studies, here.