Enjoying a festive tipple without the hangover

After the stress of 2020 there is a real temptation to indulge this festive season, but over indulging in the booze can add to low moods so beat the booze blues with our tips for festive imbibing…

5 bottles of wine

These five easy tips will make sure you can enjoy yourself this Christmas

This is the time of year when people might drink a bit more than they would otherwise, for some that is having a drink at all, for others it might be having one too many.

These suggestions are designed to ensure you can enjoy a drink if you want one, but things don’t  lead to a rotten hangover and a low mood after.

  1. As a rough rule of thumb 14 units per week is about right, spread out over several days. If you want to see how many units you are having try the Drink Aware app.
  2. Have at least 2 or 3 days each week when you don’t drink to give your system a chance to look after you.
  3. For every glass of booze, have a glass of water, or a soft drink. This will help keep you hydrated and will slow your pace so you can enjoy the booze.
  4. Don’t drink on an empty stomach, make sure you eat a good meal before having a drink.Two people clinking beer bottles to say cheers
  5. Have a few low alcohol or mocktail options in and give them a try, there are some amazing alternatives to alcohol out there now that taste as grown up as a spirit or glass of wine.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll have a hangover free festive season which means you can enjoy each and every moment!