Ditch the car for cleaner air

Dare to join us and leave the car at home on 15th June in support of cleaner air for all. National clean air day is mobilising health and care workers across the country to take action.

ditch the car

We have dirty air?

Looking out the window on a clear summer day (rare we know) it makes you wonder how the air we breathe in the UK could ever be harmful, especially when thinking of the pictures we see coming out of smoggy cities such as Beijing or New Delhi.

Unfortunately UK air pollution is a significant health concern in many of our urban areas (often exceeding legal limits). The invisibility of it literally makes the problem harder to see. Levels of pollution vary with weather, location and time of day. Most air pollution is produced by the traffic we create on our roads.

There are direct links between Air pollution and diseases such as cancer and respiratory disorders. Those most at risk are drivers, elderly and children. Strangely enough walkers and cyclists are exposed to less pollution overall. It is estimated that around 29,000- 40,000 people each year will have their lives shortened as a result of air pollution. The financial impact of this is massive almost as bad as smoking or obesity.


What can I do?

Thankfully awareness around the issue is increasing, featuring in recent political debates. Clean air day is a national opportunity to take action locally.

Take the pledge:

ditch the car

On 15th June we’ve pledged to leave the car at home. Pledges are a great way of committing to action. You can do this by signing up to our dare ‘one less car journey’.

Tips and tricks:

The National clean air day website has lots of information and useful tips for taking action. If you would like to join us below are three of our favourite things to do on the day.

ditch the car

National Clean air day pic 2

National Clean air day pic 3