Done Dares

Our range of dares come and go, and some we bring back due to popular demand!

These are dares that are currently out of action; we’ve provided a bit of an over view on where each dare took us towards creating more sustainable healthcare, just click on the arrow to see.


Take a walk

Our most popular dare!

Hundreds of you took this dare to get out and get some fresh air in your breaks – boosting wellbeing and a simple way to squeeze some exercise into your working day.

The wellbeing benefits of walking more are well known, our staff embracing walking are also cutting carbon and improving local air pollution.

SPFT team take on the 3 peaks challenge

Meat Free Monday

4 flights from London to Sydney

We calculated that if everyone who took our meat free Monday dare stuck to it for the six months we ran the dare then the carbon emissions saved equated to four flights from London to Sydney!


Drive down fuel costs

Eco driving

We’re in the process of working out how much carbon you saved by adopting a more eco-friendly driving style – and you told us that you were saving £££’s on your fuel too!

With many new cars having an eco-mode this is a pledge that you might be doing without even trying!


Dare to play

Play isn't just for kids

As grown ups we forget that play can be as good for us a doing something ‘practical’ like going for a jog.

From team sports to group crafts, staff have embraced playing in various forms to boost wellbeing at work and at home.


Buy local Tuesday

Reduce the carbon footprint of your shopping

With this pledge we asked people to shop locally, and source local food options. The closer to home our things come from the less miles they travel to get to us which helps improve air pollution and also cuts carbon emissions.

It is also lovely to support our local economies and boost wellbeing in the community.



Make it Fair

Fairtrade Fortnight

This dare comes back every year to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight – and staff have embraced it with choosing fair trade teas and coffees for the staff room.

Making these choices enables people across the world to live better, healthier lives and to grow things in a more sustainable way so they are there for us all when we want them.



Healthy eating is sustainable eating

Over 100 people have made the pledge to bring in their own meals to work which helps to reduce waste, especially plastic waste. It also means people are generally eating healthier too with a lot less salt and sugar involved.


One less car journey

Less car journeys for cleaner air

This dare is one that comes back often as people love the idea of saving money by choosing active travel, and doing their bit for the environment by cutting carbon.

At Sussex Community to date 436 people have made this pledge, and at Sussex Partnership where Dare to Care has only being in place for a year 115 people have made the pledge. Together this amounts to 551 people.

The average car journey based on government data is 8.2 miles. We calculated that the carbon saving was around 1.3kg CO2 per week using average carbon emissions per mile for both petrol and diesel engines for our 551 darers.

Over the course of one year that adds up to an impressive 67 tonnes of CO2 saved. To put that into context, it is the same as the energy needed to run 8 average homes for one year.


Green your workspace

Plants are popular

You embraced this dare with pot plants coming into work spaces all over the Trust.

We have seen people smiling which is proof that green spaces definitely boost wellbeing!

We are also getting requests from teams for support with planting outside areas to have outside green spaces to enjoy too.


Paper cut

Saving paper, saving the planet

Paper cut asked people to print double sided, use scrap paper for note taking and not print at all if possible. Thanks to everyone who took this dare!

We are measuring paper use to see if we can save 70 trees worth together.


Switch it off

We're still daring!

This is one of those eternal pledges, that we all need to keep on doing.

We’ve switched to 100% renewable energy on the sites we own but it is still important to use energy wisely. When we ran phantom energy month we saw an average of a 3% reduction in energy use as people made the extra effort to switch things off.


Dare to Connect as a volunteer

Volunteers are great!

We love our volunteers who add so much to our Trust with their enthusiasm and diverse range of skills and experience.

We also salute the staff who have volunteered their time outside of work to do things such as beach litter pics and community gardening.


Step Up

Heart healthy choices

The Step Up dare was inspired by a member of staff who wanted people to use the stairs more than lifts.

It is one of the most popular pledges and led to the creation of our Step Up Challenge and to date well over 1,000 people have participated walking well over 120,000 miles between them.


Drink every drop

A super popular pledge with over 650 people choosing to give it a go.

We can save around £700 per Trust on waste water if people stick to the pledge and report drips and leaks.

We’ll also have a lovely hydrated workforce, with people pledging to drink the 2 litres per day that is national recommendation.

Our Hydration Challenge also saw 140 people participate.


Stretch yourself

Regular breaks and a bit of movement in the working day are important

This dare was’t as popular as others perhaps because people feel a bit shy stretching with colleagues around.

We asked our physio team to suggest some ways to stretch and here they are:

Lunch is the break your day needs

Take a HIIT! It’s good for you!


Make it Personal

Face to face beats email every time

Staff taking this pledge have told us that talking face to face saves time, even a phone call is better than an email.

Less emails also makes for a more manageable inbox which helps reduce stress.

Let’s not forget that the servers emails sit on come with a carbon footprint, so the less emails we have to send and store the better for our environment.

Brighton and Hove CCG_GP dare to make it personal
Gary Toyne, Managing Partner and Emily Manthorpe, Medical Research Lead – daring to Make it Personal at Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre

Sort It

Putting waste in the right place makes all the difference

Waste is unavoidable but we can manage how best to get rid of it.

Sorting our waste is something that staff have pledged to do – which we have seen evidenced in increased recycling and less to general waste.


Share your dare

We are the persuaders of our peers

People listen to other people, peer to peer influence is so important which is why we asked you to share your dare.

Loads of people took this on and anecdotally we heard of colleagues getting their whole team to change behaviour such as recycling more and switching off lights.

pedal power


Sugar Swap


For us, sustainable healthcare is all about prevention and self care because the most sustainable healthcare system is one that keeps people well rather than fixing them when they are sick.

If we’re honest this is not a popular pledge – people like sugar! But people have been willing to give this a go, and we are seeing a lot more refillable water bottles around instead of making trips to the vending machine which is great!

We also has our Sugar Smart Challenge which 50 people gave a go.

sugar smart


Check before you bin it

#reduce #reuse #recycle

Recycling is one of the most popular requests we get from staff across all the Trusts taking part in Care Without Carbon.

Our mission is to think in a more circular economy way, so rather than just how to dispose of something, also what else could we do with it?

We’ve got reuse networks in place for items that could have a lease of life elsewhere which reduces waste.



Keep waste confidential

Saving ££ through smarter waste choices

There is about £7 difference between a bag of confidential waste compared to a bag of recycling and everyone who has made this pledge has helped to (safely and securely) reduce our spend on confidential waste, while ensuring we recycle appropriately.


Get on a bike

Pedal Power Rocks!

We’re seeing applications to Trust cycle schemes go up which is great news! And now the schemes offer a higher amount which means people can access an e-bike and that has been encouraging people to get cycling too.

Trusts in the region are also taking part in Love to Ride’s Cycle September and rocking up some miles on that.

People swapping the car for a bike helps us reduce local air pollution and also cuts carbon emissions.

Matt from the CWC team is just one example of a member of staff who has embraced the e-bike.

Say hello

It's nice to be nice

This dare was really popular because it simply encourages people to be nice to each other at work and a friendly hello in a corridor can go a long way when you are having a tough day.

With workplace stress a high risk factor for illness all the little things we do to ease that help us all stay well.


Car Share

Tackling air pollution

Many of our darers have opted to make this pledge, and quite a few people anecdotally told us they do it even though they haven’t made the pledge.

Informal car sharing is a great way to reduce the volume of cars on the road and in doing so also reduce air pollution and carbon emissions.

If you want to try car sharing outside of work there are some great national websites to link up cars with passengers.