How to dare

Staff at every Trust taking part in Dare to Care are invited to choose from a range of dares on offer – that’s a pledge to do something different that will reduce our impact on the environment, boost wellbeing and maybe even save money too.

You can take just one Dare, or all of them – however many you can commit to. New Dares will appear through the year, as we build momentum to make bigger positive changes around the Trust.

Why do it?

Taking action is easier if we do it together, so Dares are a way that everyone around the Trust can get involved.

At any time you can see which Dares are being taken, and which areas of Sussex are Daring the most – see How dare we.

By Daring, you’ll be eligible for prize draws and discounts. And if you have a great idea for a new way the Trust can Dare to Care Without Carbon, let us know.

How does it work?

Go to the Dares page – this shows you what’s currently being asked.

Click on the little downward arrow to see the details of any individual Dare – what it means and why it’s worth doing.

If it’s a Dare you want to take, click the white circle to ‘tick’ the dare.

Once you’ve added all the Dares you want, go to the end of the list and click ‘Take my dare(s)’.

And you can always come back and take more Dares later on.

Do I need a password?

No – life’s got too many passwords, so this is designed to work without.

When you Dare, you’ll be asked to give your email address and a few details.

To understand how we use the information you provide us with please look at our Terms Of Use page.

We’ll send a unique link to your email. If you use this to access the site, it will recognise you and show you what you Dared.

If you lose the link, no problem – just click ‘send me a new link’ and another will be emailed to you.

If the computer you use allows cookies (bits of computer code that remember your details) you’ll find that the website already recognises you when you return to it.

Any ideas or questions for us?

Contact the Care Without Carbon team.