Dare Challenge – Sugar Smart

Take our Dare Challenge – save 1kg sugar from your diet in 5 weeks to get Sugar Smart and boost your wellbeing.

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Why bother?

Those in the know have shown that 30g sugar per day is plenty for an adult. The truth is most of us are consuming at least double that amount, every day.

Alas double the sugar does not mean double the fun. Rather a sugar rich diet triples the problems …

  1. Our health and wellbeing – while a bit of sugar is a taste sensation, too much can be devastating to your health and daily energy levels. Excessive sugar in the diet can lead to heart disease, obesity and diabetes. While a sugary snack might give you an instant boost, the crash that comes later is worse, leaving you more tired and drained and craving more sugar for another boost. Breaking this cycle is key.
  1. Expensive healthcare – our addiction to sugar is costly, not only to our health but also to the NHS. Every hour the NHS spends £1.5 million on treating diabetes. Not to mention obesity and heart disease – costing the NHS around £6 billion and £4 billion respectively every year. By reducing our sugar intake, we can help reduce the financial burden to the NHS in the future.
  1. As bad for the planet as our health – sugar production has a significant carbon footprint (0.6g CO2e per gram) and results in environmental damage including soil erosion, deforestation and pollution. Cutting our sugar also cuts our impact on the planet.

Take our SugarSmart Challenge

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The challenge is simple. Stick to your RDA for sugar (for most people that’s cutting an average of 30g of sugar per day from your diet) and in 5 weeks you will have saved a kilo of sugar.

The challenge is primarily for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) staff, plus those from Brighton and Hove CCG and GP practices. You can do the challenge alone, or get together as a team and save even more.

Track your progress on your Challenge Chart to see your sugar savings mount as the weeks progress – the more you save the better you’ll feel!

Help is at hand

We will support you at every step. We’ve put together a toolkit for SCFT and B&H CCG/GP staff to help you along the way. In it you’ll find a Challenge Chart to track progress and a sugar swap ‘cheat sheet’ packed with tips for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to help you reduce the sugar in your daily diet.

And we’ll feature some great recipe ideas on our website too – we’ll tweet links to these so follow us @carewithoutco2.

Get involved!

To take the sugar smart challenge just email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org with your name and we’ll sign you up and send you your challenge chart and sugar swap cheat sheet.  If you are signing up as a team, let us know the name of everyone taking part, plus your team name.

We’ll also send you a poster you can print out and put up where you work to encourage others to get involved.

Keep in touch

sugar smart share stories

Let us know how you’re getting on with the challenge as the weeks go by – good recipes you’ve found, hints and tips for others, or what you’re struggling with the most!

And at the end of the five weeks email us a photo of your completed challenge chart along with a sentence or two about how you found the challenge.

Anyone can choose to take part at any time – just get in touch and we’ll send you everything you need to be sugar smart! We’ll share your stories at the end of February, to see how everyone has got on with the challenge by then.