Embrace Pedal Power

As part of our Travel Smarter September campaign we launch the Pedal Power Dare Challenge to encourage you to embrace cycling whether at home or at work.

Embrace Pedal Power

What is the challenge?

Our Dare Cycle Challange is called Pedal Power because we want you to embrace the awesome power of the bicycle and get pedaling.

And we’re running Pedal Power across 3 Trusts as part of our region wide Travel Smarter September campaign, so staff from SCFT, Sussex Partnership and SASH can all take part.

We have three virtual routes for you to choose from:

1.‘Roman’ route from Fishbourne to London = 100 miles

2.1066’ route from Hastings to Normandy –= 250 miles

3.‘Hipster’ route from Brighton to Copenhagen = 800 miles

The longer routes work well for a team and you’ll see on the challenge charts (which you’ll get as part of the toolkit we send you) some suggested team sizes, but it’s up to you how many people you take on the challenge with.

Email hello@carewithoutcarbon.org to register and get your challenge toolkit.

How to take part

  • Choose your route (‘1066’ and ‘Hipster’ work well with a team and ‘Roman’ is good for an individual)
  • Decide on a start date – you have 8 weeks from your chosen start date to cycle enough miles to complete your chosen route.
  • You can cycle anywhere at any time to add your miles, at work or at home, it all counts.
  • Log your miles on your challenge chart.
  • Team sizes are suggested but you can have any size team you like.
  • At the end of the 8 weeks email your completed challenge chart to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org to receive your certificate of completion.
  • All returned challenge charts will receive a certificate and a small reusable tote bag for each participant.

Throughout September Love to Ride run Cycle September, with great prizes on offer if you register your rides with them, another great reason to get pedaling! It is fine to add the miles you pedal for Pedal Power to your Love to Ride record.

Why we love pedal power

Left to Right, Yvonne Palmer-physio, Rosie Hemsley-OT, Evie Howard-physio, Mel Smith-clerical, Gail Garraway-OT, Terri Booker-Therapy Technician

Fewer cars on the road means we can all breathe more easily; air pollution is linked to several respiratory health issues including asthma.

A regular cycle is great for your physical fitness and mental health too.

Cycling saves money on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.