Core Dares for all darers

We’ve streamlined our dare selection so you can best support Care Without Carbon

core dares

Create a better working life and a greener NHS

Care Without Carbon is our strategy for delivering sustainable healthcare. Through this strategy we can begin to do things differently, to improve our wellbeing, reduce our impact on the environment and save some money too.

Everyone can play a part in Care Without Carbon by taking part in our ‘Dare to Care’ programme. Taking part is easy; all you have to do is sign up for one, or more, of our dares.

Dares are little things that you can do differently in your day that add up to a bigger difference when lots of people are doing them.

The Dare Truth

Our Core Dares

Our core dares relate to our Care Without Carbon 7 steps.

These dares will not change, so you can keep them up for as long as you like…

One less car journey – leave the car behind for cleaner air, and get some exercise too.

Check it before you bin it – recycle as much as possible

Switch it off – reduce energy waste and create a calmer work environment

Take a walk – stress bust your day with a quick walk at lunch

Meat free Monday – meat free one day per week is good for you and good for the planet

Use every drop – use water wisely to stay hydrated and save waste

Get on a bike – cycling costs less that driving, doesn’t pollute and helps you get fit

We’ll also introduce special dares from time to time, which you can take on top of our core dares.

Go it alone or sign up as a team

Dares can be something you do just for you – or if you like a bit of motivation from peers, you can sign up as a team and help each other along.

You can sign up directly on the Care Without Carbon website, or email hayleycarmichael@nhs.net.

Look out for our Dare Challenges too. Step Up and Sugar Smart are available now, and we’ll soon be launching our hydration challenge for teams…