Christmas connections

Christmas is the time of year when we tend to connect more with friends and family. If you are experiencing virtual catch up fatigue we celebrate the return to some old fashioned ways of communicating…

two people talking on phones either side of planet earth

In praise of the hand written note or phone call

For many people 2020 has been the year of the virtual catch up. Whether at work or at home, we have been connecting with others via the medium of wifi.

While this has had its benefits, there are many who are simply zoomed out.

If you’re wondering how to stay connected without turning on the laptop, ipad or phone we suggest you step back in time…

Write a note or letter

handwritten letter

The act of hand writing a letter, card or note promotes self reflection and encourages a moment of calm that is great to help destress. It also encourages mindfulness as you focus in on the task at hand, there is no delete button so your concentration levels go up, which can actually help to reduce anxiety as you naturally slow things down to focus. The act of writing by hand can stimulate ideas and creativity too which all make us feel better about ourselves generally.

To receive a handwritten note in the post is a real treat (check out this article on Huff Post), and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing you have brought a smile to someone’s life. If you write to someone close enough you could even hand deliver on foot or by bicycle!

Pick up the phone

It is easy to text or message people, but there is something very comforting about the sound of another voice on the line. No video to worry about, just a nice chat. A good chat on the phone is becoming a lost art as we choose to tap out our communications instead.

Let us remember why the phone is good; you can hear the nuances in what someone is saying, helping to reduce the angst of misunderstandings and crossed wires.  And thank goodness for the speakerphone option, no need to keep a phone pressed against your ear, you can chat into space almost as if you were talking face to face.

There is a more natural intimacy to actually talking to another person too, that creates a warm feelgood glow.

If you’re unsure of how well a call will be received you could always message first to ask!