Cheese pie anyone?

This week for our step up challenge we find ourselves in Wawayanda State Park, New Jersey as part of our Great Frontier Route and we have a fab meat free recipe that is a local favourite.

Cheese pie anyone?

A haven for endangered wildlife in the area

This scenic 34,350 acre area is home to a variety of wildlife including; the red-shouldered hawk, the barred owl, and the great blue heron. The park is bustling with activity from leisurely canoeists, boaters, and fisherman navigating the calm waters. To adrenaline seeking hikers scaling the steep mountains.

The wider area has a history of pioneering renewable energy projects, with Thomas Edison installing one of the first hydroelectric power stations, harnessing electrical power from the Great Falls for the Passaic River! That state is also leading the way in modern day renewable energy production, producing 3.7 gigawatts of electricity from over 148,000 individual solar installations.

A New Jersey twist on an Italian classic

New Jersey’s culture is influenced by its Italian-American community, Italian cuisine has understandably become very popular in the area. Resulting in the development of this week’s dish, a twist on an Italian staple, the Cheese Pie.

This dish obviously resembles the well-loved traditional Italian pizza, however, there are several distinctions that makes this dish unique to New Jersey. Firstly, the toppings are assembled in the reverse order with the mozzarella and toppings being placed on the base first and tomato sauce placed on top, this creates a unique flavour that is distinct from a traditional pizza.

There are also other differences such as the different type of dough that is used, the pie can also be cooked in a rectangular dish and as you can see from the image it is also cut into rectangular slices opposed to triangular ones. There are a variety of different toppings that can be used, it would be great to hear what inventive toppings you decide to include on your pizza-pie.

And if you try this treat you can walk off the calories as part of your Step Up Challenge!