Celebrating lower carbon travel

Sussex Partnership offer staff access to electric and hybrid vehicles through its lease scheme which is having a positive impact on carbon emissions related to travel.

Celebrating lower carbon travel

People are making greener choices about how they get from A to B

As a Trust Sussex Partnership is committed to reducing  impact on the environment through a programme of work called Care Without Carbon.

One area the trust is keen to improve on is travel. While the current pandemic has accelerated digital solutions to travel, with great uptake of virtual appointments, there is still a need for travel as part of delivering care so making that as green as possible is important.

The Trust has developed a lease car scheme to offer staff access to a range of vehicles for work that have been selected for their lower emissions rates, and as part of that the trust include both fully electric and hybrid vehicles.

A recent analysis of the lease car scheme reveals that a whopping 67% of cars accessed through the lease car scheme are either electric or hybrid – clearly showing that people are making great choices for cleaner air and protecting our environment. Clearly the trend is for greener cars and we look forward to seeing that percentage increase further over the next few years.

The pro-active Trust are looking at installing more charging points across  sites in the future which will enable those with electric vehicles to charge up at work and encourage more people to go electric when it comes to driving.