Celebrate National Walking Month

National Walking Month is back and we encourage everyone to put one foot in front of the other to feel the benefit of a simple walk.

Celebrate National Walking Month


Living Streets are a National charity that wants to get us on our feet more often. Their goal is to see more people walking instead of driving all over the country, and this May they celebrate #WalkthisMay which is known as National Walking Month.

A jaunty walk at least once per day is good for your health; it reduces the risk of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, depression and Type 2 diabetes.

Living Streets’ National Walking Month is the perfect opportunity to give more walking a go! They are asking us all to add just 20 minutes walking into our day for every day in May and see how we feel at the end of it – perhaps it will be start of a new good habit.

We're supporting National Walking Month in our work to Care Without Carbon

We’re keen supporters of National Walking Month here on the Care Without Carbon team because the more we walk the less we drive. We even have a pledge called ‘take a walk’ which you can sign up to at www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares.

So let’s all #WalkthisMay and embrace more active travel, it’s good for us, good for the air we breathe and it’s even good for our wallets if we’re not using fuel to get from A to B!