Buy less – waste less

Excess and Christmas go hand in hand, but what if we cut back on the buying and got more creative instead? There would be a lot less waste which fills us with festive cheer…

Buy less – waste less

Jams, pickles and chutneys

Home made gifts are a way to show you care; not everyone is cut out to get crafty though and we can’t all be bake off stars. Instead have a go at making jams, pickles or chutneys.

They are relatively easy to do, you can make a big batch in one go and they don’t create much waste (especially if you buy your veggies or fruit loose rather than packaged.)

Also, you can #reuse glass jars from shop bought things like olives, pesto, mustard, honey and jam to put your home made goodies into – don’t forget to sterilize them. Brown paper cut into a circle and string make a lovely simple (and easy to #recycle) finishing touch.

Some fab jam inspiration can be found here.

For chutneys to compliment cheese this Christmas try one of these recipes.

Piccalilli is a classic pickle that goes well with left over gammon.

Top tip for xmas 2020 – save jars throughout the year and make your jams, pickles or chutneys around Sept when harvest is in and there is seasonal plenty. They mature well so by xmas should be super tasty!

Give the gift of time

A super simple way to give a gift that would be deeply appreciated and requires no special skills is to give the gift of time.

Design a gift note that offers a few hours babysitting, or help with the garden, whatever you know would be most valued by the recipient.

Even offer to take someone for a county wander for an afternoon, plan a route that suits their fitness levels and you can both benefit from some time outdoors.

Sweet treats

Another easy option for home made gift is something sweet; again it doesn’t have to be baked.

Fudge, truffles or tablet makes a great gift. You can make it quite last minute too which is perfect for people who haven’t had time to think about gifts until the week before!

Wrap your sweet treats in waxed paper for the least amount of waste and a lovely rustic finish.

Here is a recipe for rum and chocolate fudge for a festive flavour.

Tablet is a tradition in Scotland, this tablet recipe will tickle the taste buds.

These vegan truffles by Jamie Oliver are a taste sensation.

Why not make our #oneless piece of plastic pledge if you opt to go home made this Christmas? You can make your pledge here.