Bring Your Own Meal and #reduce plastic waste

Find out what our new ‘bring your own meal’ pledge is all about and why it can help SASH NHS Trust become a greener NHS trust while helping to boost your wellbeing.

Bring Your Own Meal and #reduce plastic waste

Bring your own meals - what is it all about?

As a trust SASH is trying to reduce its impact on the environment. We’re calling our work on this Care Without Carbon, and staff can get involved with this through a programme called Dare to Care. Through Dare to Care you can make pledges which have environmental benefits.

The new ‘BYO meals’ pledge is all about creating less waste from shop bought meals and drinks while at work. Unfortunately a lot of take away food comes with plastic packaging, and our coffee cups come with plastic lids. This all adds up to a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of and not all types of plastic can be easily recycled.

Bringing in your own meals benefits your wellbeing too

Preparing your own meals for work will help reduce salt, fat and sugar intake, and can help to increase veggie content too.

Generally portion sizes are smaller when we prepare our own meals, which means a more balanced intake of food throughout the day and less of a carb slump.

Plus, think of all the money you can save (and avoid food waste) by bringing in left overs which might otherwise end up in the bin.

Here is some inspiration for meals to  bring in.

It’s good for patients too

Eating a more balanced meal at work will help you to stay focused and energised throughout your working day, which will translate into the care delivered to patients.

How to make your pledge

It may be that this is  something  you are already doing, which is great! We still need your pledge as it helps us tell a bigger story about the difference it makes when a lot of people are making small changes to the way they do things.

But perhaps ‘BYO’ offers you something new to try?

To make your pledge to ‘BYO meals’ visit www.carewithoutcarbon.org/dares and you’ll some other pledges that you might like to try too!