Boost your mood with a festive bake off

GBBO might be over but the baking can continue – baking can be a mindful way to relax and recharge over the festive period.

A colourful kitchen with two elves baking cakes

Is baking good for your mental health?

It would seem that the magic of transforming flour, sugar, butter and eggs into something quite delicious is in fact great for our mental wellbeing. Not only is the baking (and cooking too – its about crafting together ingredients to form something new) good for us while we’re doing it, the joy of sharing our produce has an equally important feel good factor.

Check out this article all about baking as therapy and empowerment.

Home baked gifts share the feelgood factor

The shops are bursting with treats and goodies at this time of year, but much of it is rammed with sugar, and comes with some startling food miles attached.

Instead, do some home baking and cooking to fill your festive cupboards with treats from mince pies to pates.

It is often cheaper to do it yourself, and you know what it is going into them too. If you can source local ingredients your festive star will sparkle even more brightly!

And of course, as well as creating your own festive store you can share the love and give these as gifts…

Try this mackerel pate by Jamie Oliver which is a fishy delight if baking isn’t for you but you fancy some time getting creative in the kitchen.

The national treasure that is Delia makes a wonderful mince pie.

mince pies topped with a pastry star

Delia also has an amazing veggie sausage roll recipe that will bring any meat eater round.

The king of Bake Off Paul Hollywood has a cracking recipe for all butter shortbread. This festive staple is a real crowd pleaser.

From chutneys and jams to biscuits and fudge – home cooked treats make perfect festive gifts. Food magazines often have some great ideas or you can check out some more ideas online.