Bike week is back!

Support National Bike Week from 10 to 17 June

Bike Week

Everyday cycling for everyone

The nation’s biggest celebration of cycling starts Saturday 10th June, lovingly known as Bike Week.  Every year people are encouraged to have a go at cycling, whether it is 5 minutes down the road or a more ambitious journey.

Over the course of the week you’ll see all sorts of information and promotions that share the many benefits of cycling from environmental to health and wealth (just think of all that petrol money you could save).

Taking part is easy

Over half a million people took part last year, why not be part of the story too?

bike weekYou can just go for it that week and hop on two wheels – getting involved is as easy as that.  Or you could really get involved and organise a cycle event. This could be anything from a breakfast reward for people who cycle to work, or a group outing by bike with picnics in paniers.  It could even be a great way to raise funds for charity.

Just make sure you register your event with Bike Week and have a look at the online resources that are available to support you.

Need a bike?

At SCFT you can enjoy the benefits of the cycle to work scheme which saves you money on buying a bike, and helps you pay in manageable instalments.


Get the BUG

cycling-659780_1920Cycling is a great way to keep fit, tackle stress and reduce your carbon footprint. We are setting up a virtual Bicycle Users Group (BUG) so we can communicate directly with staff who like to cycle to work, on visits to patients, or during their leisure time.

If you’d like to join the BUG and receive updates on cycling events and initiatives, please email SC-TR.TravelBureau@nhs.net and we’ll add you to the list.