Become a CWC Envoy

We are looking for SCFT staff to become Care Without Carbon Envoys…


Learn new skills, share your enthusiasm and meet new people

The Care Without Carbon team are looking for Envoys to support their work across the Trust. This is an exciting opportunity that will both challenge and grow your skill set, which could be helpful if you’re considering future career development.


This supplementary role will take up no more than 4 hours per month of your time at work, and can be included as part of your Personal Development Plan. You will need your manager’s sign off on the role, which the Care Without Carbon team will request on your behalf.


The role is open to anyone who has an interest in wellbeing at work and reducing our environmental impact. It would great to have Envoys in every community of practice/local area network.

Each Envoy is in place for a 12 month period, but you can extend this if you’re interested and your line manager approves.

At the end of your 12 months, you’ll get a certificate of recognition for your work.

Full training and support offered

All Care Without Carbon Envoys will benefit for a half day immersion session to kick off the 12 month role. This offers an opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and shape some informal networks. You’ll also learn more about what Care Without Carbon is doing across the Trust, and the ways that you can help us create a better working life and a greener NHS.

In addition there will be an online toolkit for you to use, to help you deliver on the requirements for the role.

Find out more

Download the role description to find out more about the role and how to apply.

Or if you are already interested email hayleycarmichael@nhs.net with your role, line manager’s name and a couple of sentences on why you’d like to be an Envoy.

Deadline for applications is Friday 15th December.