Asking the right questions for your wellbeing

Staff at SCFT are invited to take part in the annual wellbeing survey – this year we want at least 600 people to take part and help us shape how we encourage and support wellbeing in the workplace.

Asking the right questions for your wellbeing

We need 600 people

You can take our wellbeing survey here.

Why would a team focused on sustainable healthcare trouble themselves with wellbeing in the workplace? It’s a good question – and we have a great answer…

We know that the most sustainable healthcare is possible when we are all taking the best care of ourselves. That’s why we have wellbeing as one of the seven elements within our Care Without Carbon framework which aims to help the NHS reduce its impact on the environment.

We firmly believe that when taking care of ourselves (especially at work) we can then begin to extend that care to our shared environment.

This year we want to hear from at least 600 people at SCFT on how they feel about their wellbeing; what is working or what could we do better.

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Cristina Blanques cycled 38 miles in one week.

If we can measure it we can improve it

The Care Without Carbon team run the annual wellbeing survey to measure how you feel about wellbeing at work. The survey tells us how we are doing as an organisation generally and more specifically how well our Dare to Care engagement programme is working, and helps pinpoint the ways we can support and encourage wellbeing throughout the Trust in the future, whether your role is clinical or a support role.

The results from last year demonstrated that Dare to Care is really making a difference to the wellbeing of darers, with staff taking part in Dare to Care scoring on average 13% higher for wellbeing than staff who hadn’t taken part.

However we are interested in the wellbeing of every person who is part of our Trust, not only those who have taken a dare.

Take the survey now

This short online survey is open until Friday 7th June.

We need all staff to complete this, whether or not they’ve taken a dare and we are aiming to reach at least 600 people this year.

Please spare 10 mins to take the survey and encourage your team to take part – the more people who feedback the more meaningful the results will be. We will share our findings with staff over the coming months.

We also have paper copies available – contact hayleycarmichael@nhs.net who will be happy to send you some.