Annual Sustainability Report – SCFT first in the NHS

In a first for the NHS Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) has published a separate annual sustainability report to detail its progress towards its vision of truly sustainable healthcare.

annual sustainability report

Three big challenges

SCFT is committed to creating a better working life and a greener NHS –with the ultimate aim of delivering excellent care in the heart of our communities. This vison of sustainable healthcare comes at a difficult time for the NHS.

“Our health service is under more pressure than ever before to achieve more with increasingly limited resources. In particular, it faces three key challenges:

  • A £30 million funding gap with increasing demands on services
  • Largest public sector carbon footprint in UK, with target to reduce this by 34% by 2020
  • A workforce of 1.5 million people, whose wellbeing the Lord Carter Review highlights as a priority.

The future of healthcare lies in finding long-term solutions to these three challenges.”

Sue Sjuve, Chair of the Board. SCFT

Rising to the challenge

SCFT takes a pro-active approach to meeting these challenges, looking for new ways of doing things in every corner of the business through its sustainable healthcare strategy, Care Without Carbon.  Now in its second year, Care Without Carbon and the associated staff engagement campaign Dare to Care are delivering great results. These are presented in the Trust’s first Annual Sustainability Report, which was published this week. This is a stand-alone report, to compliment the Trust’s Annual Report. Its primary focus on sustainable achievements and targets is a first within the NHS.

The headlines are:

  • £3.09 million in savings against an investment of £877k
  • A 20% reduction in our carbon footprint (equating to 1,607 tonnes C02 per year)
  • A 12% improvement in wellbeing for those taking dares as part of the Dare to Care campaign

Committed to our staff, and our communities

SCFT’s commitment to delivering sustainable healthcare means taking care of staff and our local community as well as our immediate and wider environment. Care Without Carbon is our route map for delivering this change.

The Annual Sustainability Report shows the progress we’ve made in each of our seven steps to sustainable healthcare since Care Without Carbon was launched. In addition it introduces some new metrics we’ve developed to more accurately measure our progress to 2020 and highlights the priority areas for action over the next year to keep us on track.

You can read the full report here.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made at SCFT, but we know there’s more to do, both within the Trust and more broadly. Imagine if all NHS Trusts were working towards sustainability in this way – what would our collective impact be? Through staff engagement alone we could achieve big…

Annual sustainability report
If the whole NHS signed up to Dare To Care as part of Care Without Carbon…