An international conversation

CleanMed Europe brings together healthcare leaders from all over Europe to consider how we can deliver truly sustainable healthcare

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Share and learn

Our Director of Environmental Services Will Clark is speaking at this years’ CleanMed conference at the UN campus in Copenhagen. It is something he feels passionate about being part of, because the impact of climate change is a global problem, and it is only by working together, across borders, that we will find lasting solutions.

The event is run annually by Healthcare Without Harm, which also runs the Green & Healthy Hospitals Programme, which Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust were one of the founding members of.

International conversation

The conference brings together sustainable healthcare practitioners, academics, researchers, industry figures and clinicians to share international best practice and promote learning on key sustainability challenges and advancements in the health sector.

Making sustainable healthcare inclusive

international - will at cleanmedWe asked Will to share what he is bringing to the table at the event.

He told us, “The agenda reflects a very broad range of interests and perspectives. I am presenting in the Leadership in Sustainable Healthcare session. The theme of my presentation is how to build an effective sustainability programme, one that is integrated, holistic and inclusive – because I believe that any approach needs to be those things in order to deliver lasting results. ”

“I’ll be going through our Care Without Carbon (CWC) model, how it was developed, what it sets out to achieve and how it does it, with a focus on the staff engagement and reporting elements as they have become cornerstones of our approach. I’m also participating in a round table session where I will be giving a 10 min overview of the Dare campaign.”

“This is as much about telling an international audience more about our work as it is about hearing about innovative practice being developed elsewhere in the international health system. We don’t have a monopoly on ideas after all! I hope the networking element is going to be really valuable in this respect and I’m looking forward to sharing learning and hopefully bringing back some new ideas to share with the team in Sussex.”

A bit of inspiration

The event is a great opportunity to network with international thought leaders in sustainable healthcare.

At SCFT we’ve started on our ambitious journey to become a carbon neutral healthcare provider, and Will’s work with CWC is central to our progress.

But as Will says, there is a wealth of learning out there and CleanMed offers access to inspiration and ideas that would be hard to come by outside of this event.