Pledge to #activecommute

In support of Breathe Easy September there is a new dare called ‘I dare to #activecommute’ for staff across the Sussex and Surrey STP region.

What is the pledge?

We call them dares, but these are easy pledges that you can make to reduce your impact on the environment, boost wellbeing in mind and body and maybe even save some money.

This September we want to help everyone breathe more easily by tackling some of the causes of local air pollution.

As part of our Breath Easy September campaign we have created a new dare for NHS staff in the Surrey and Sussex STP region. It is called ‘I dare to #activecommute’ and it couldn’t be easier…

Simply pledge to walk, cycle or take public transport to/and/or from work at least once in your working week.

Why dare?

Active travel helps reduce local air pollution and is great for a healthier mind and body, plus you can save ££ on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Air pollution and health and intrinsically linked, the Royal College of Physicians produced a great report called Every Breathe we take which highlights why we need to tackle this as healthcare providers.


How do I dare?

You can make your pledge right here.

Alternatively if your whole team want to make the pledge email everyone’s name to hello@carewithoutcarbon.org and your pledges will be registered for you.