Active commute selfies wanted

A new pledge is on the way to promote a more active commute to work and we want it to feature YOU in the posters to promote it.

Active commute selfies wanted

Email in your photos of active travel

Sussex Partnership, SASH, Sussex Community and ESHT are taking part in a clean air campaign this September. It’s part of each Trust’s sustainability programme, Care Without Carbon and we’re aiming to:

  1. Look after the health of our communities by reducing air pollution in our local area
  2. Support the physical and mental health of our staff by encouraging more active travel
  3. Reduce our impact on the environment as a Trust

There will be lots going on in September to encourage more active commuting to work, less car use and more mindful car use on sites.

One aspect of ‘Breathe Easy September’ will be a new pledge for an #activecommute and we will create a poster to go up across all our sites to promote this and get as many people as possible involved.

To help us make a poster that is meaningful, we want to feature real people on it and we would love it if you could email us photos of your active commute to work.

How to share your #activecommute selfie

Please email your photos (use the highest quality setting on your phone so we can print them) to hayleycarmichael@nhs.net by 11th August.

The links between air pollution and health are powerful, and as healthcare providers we know we can make a positive difference by tackling this issue with your support.