Meet the CWC team

Care Without Carbon is led by the Environment and Transformation team at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Meet the team



to from left right top to bottom: Hayley, Rob, Matt, Jim, Toby, Oli, Susie and Becky

Susie Vernon

Associate Director Sustainability

Susie joined Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust in 2013. Susie helped develop Care Without Carbon and is now working to deliver on its targets across the Trust. As well as running the Dare to Care campaign, she is also responsible for waste, environmental management and climate change adaptation. Susie trained as a biologist at Cambridge University before moving into sustainability through a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development. She has practiced this in a range of different sectors and before joining the NHS worked for sustainability consultancy and development company, Beyond Green.

“We want as many of the Trust’s workforce as possible to ‘Dare to Care’. Sustainability is about our people and our patients as well as our environment, so it’s great to see Care Without Carbon coming to life through the campaign.”

Check out Susie’s Linked In profile for more info or email susie.vernon@nhs.net.

Jim Thomas

Head of Logistics

Jim is a licensed Transport Manager and qualified Project Manager with more than ten years’ experience providing fleet and transport solutions to NHS Trusts, local authorities and private organisations on the South Coast. He has worked for Sussex Community NHS Trust since its formation in 2010 and manages the Trust’s Logistics operation, including transport services, fleet services and the Trust’s Business Travel Plan.

“It’s a privilege to be able to work alongside our clinical colleagues, enabling them to make changes which enhance their health and well-being, whilst reducing costs and freeing up their time. Ultimately this is beneficial to all our patients and service users.”

Check out Jim’s Linked In profile for more info or email jim.thomas@nhs.net.

Hayley Carmichael

Communications Manager – Care Without Carbon

Hayley joined the Care Without Carbon team in April 2015 to lead on communications activity for the Dare to Care campaign. She has a strong background in corporate communications both in public and private sector organisations, and has worked internationally.

Her experience is especially focused on internal engagement and editorial, which is why she takes care of our website, writing blogs and social media updates, as well as working closely with the Trust’s communications team on internal messages.

“For me the NHS is an amazing organisation. I am delighted to be able to use my communications expertise to help create a more sustainable NHS by showing staff that getting involved can be fun, and as good for them as it is for the environment. Dare to Care is an exciting campaign to be part of.”

Check out Hayley’s profile on LinkedIn or email her at hayleycarmichael@nhs.net

Toby Donhou

Energy & Carbon Manager

Toby joined the team in June 2015 as an Energy Officer, focusing on energy and carbon management services and took on the role of Energy and Carbon Manager in September 2016 and now runs the Shared Energy Services Bureau, whereby SCFT works collaboratively with other partners regionally. This makes him responsible for what we call operational energy and water management; this includes bill validation and supplier management, energy and water procurement, budget setting and management, performance reporting, metering, compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations along with other statutory compliance and annual reporting mechanisms, amongst other things. He is also involved in the development of carbon, energy and sustainability policies and strategies and works with the Technical Services Manager to find energy and water savings opportunities and identify solutions for these.

Toby has an MSc in Climate Change and Policy and has worked in energy management since finishing university; before joining the team, he spent three years working for a local authority in a similar role. Toby has a robust understanding of operational energy and supplier management issues and analysis of energy data which are both key to wider energy management success to deliver reductions in energy consumption, carbon emissions and cost.

“The NHS is unique in energy and carbon management in that climate change presents one of the biggest health problems of this century, largely due to the emissions of greenhouse gases from the production of the energy we rely on. This means that managing and reducing its carbon footprint will be of long term benefit to not only the NHS but  also the people who it cares for.”

Check out Toby’s profile on Linkedin or email him at Toby.Donhou@nhs.net

Oliver Slaughter

Head of Environmental Services

Oliver joined the Care Without Carbon team in January 2017 as Sustainability Officer, supporting the team with its day-to-day operational activities and has progressed since then to our Head of Environmental Services.

He’s key to  delivering its wide ranging sustainability projects, including Carbon monitoring and reporting for services provided by Sussex Community Healthcare NHS Trust. Previously Oliver studied BSc (Hons) Environmental Science at Plymouth University; who have been award winning for their pioneering approach to sustainability with higher education. Oliver’s experience and knowledge of Sustainability Communication and Engagement from working as part of the universities ‘Future Leaders’ programme is adding value to the Dare to Care campaign.

“Prior to joining this post I was unaware of the sheer influence that the NHS can have on achieving a truly sustainable UK. As I learn more it becomes increasingly obvious how many opportunities there are here to make a real and considerable difference in all aspects of sustainability across the organisation within energy use, carbon emission, cost savings and importantly staff wellbeing.”

Check out Oliver’s profile on Linkedin or email him at Oliver.Slaughter@nhs.net

Rob Baker

Technical Services Manager

Rob joined the CWC team as Technical Services Manager in July 2017.  He is responsible for leading on carbon reduction projects across the estate including energy efficiency improvements and the installation of clean and renewable energy technologies.  His remit is to identify potential projects and follow these through to implementation and verification.

Rob gained an MEng in Mechanical Engineering before going to work for a Building Management System (BMS) specialist. During this time he studied part time for an MSc in Energy, Environmental Technologies and Economics and was heavily involved in the delivery of energy efficiency improvements across a wide range buildings.  From there he went on to work for the University of Brighton as their Energy Management Engineer and worked on a number of projects including BMS enhancements, LED lighting retrofits and several solar PV installations.

“The NHS is a vast organisation and as such improving sustainability across all of its services and operations is an ambitious task.  However, it is clear that this campaign is already having a significant impact across a number of key areas including travel, waste, energy management and wellbeing.  Reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation is a key part of my role and I’m certain that actions taken now will provide significant environmental and financial benefits for many years to come.”

Check out Rob’s Linked In profile for more info, or email him at r.baker2@nhs.net.

Matt Roylance

Energy Officer

Matt is a qualified energy assessor and brings numerous years’ experience of building surveying, managing and promoting energy and water efficiency for domestic and commercial buildings, and renewable energy system design to our team.

His previous roles have involved working within both private and public sectors, most recently as an Energy Efficiency Officer for East Sussex County Council, where he helped implement energy efficient installations across council owned buildings in order to reduce energy consumption, usage costs and carbon emissions.

Matt helps the Energy Carbon Manager and Technical Services Manager oversee energy and water management, and deliver carbon, energy and sustainability savings across a number of NHS Trusts.

“I feel absolutely privileged to be working for the NHS, especially within a team committed to making a difference to the health and environment of patients and staff. This will inevitably have further implications throughout the wider community. With the NHS having such a large footprint in terms of scale of operations, it’s inevitable that by adopting efficient and sustainable practices the reduction of carbon emissions will benefit all.”

Email Matt at matthew.roylance@nhs.net

Amy Bourne

Sustainability Strategy and Programme Manager

Amy joined the Care Without Carbon team in February 2022 and is responsible for sustainability programme management and the reporting and delivery of associated projects. She has over 13 years’ experience in the NHS in a number of quality improvement and programme management roles, and has certification with the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

“With health and environmental impacts being so interrelated, the sustainable healthcare agenda is a real opportunity to improve the health of people and the planet for the future. That’s why I am excited to be applying my skills in the Care without Carbon team, on everything from sustainable medicines, products and clinical care pathways, to increasing patient and staff wellbeing via access to green spaces, and healthy, sustainable food.”

Check out Amy’s Linked In profile for more info, or email her at amy.bourne1@nhs.net

RJ Heron

Sustainability Engagement Officer

RJ joined the Care Without Carbon team in March 2022 to support sustainability communications activity across the Trust. He works closely with the Care Without Carbon Communications Manager to ensure a consistent flow of sustainability-related content to assist in delivering our engagement programme.

RJ studied Environmental Science BSc (Hons) at the University of Brighton before completing an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management. During his time at university, he focused on emissions reduction and has a keen interest in the use of using innovative technology to reduce environmental impacts associated with greenhouse gases.

“Having worked in the NHS since graduating from university, it is clear to me that improving our health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked with improving environmental sustainability. Due to the sheer size of the NHS as an organisation, there is huge potential to make lasting, positive changes within the healthcare industry and the public sector. I feel honoured to work as part of a team that is leading the way for sustainability in healthcare!”

Check out RJ’s Linked In profile for more info or email rj.heron1@nhs.net

Jenny Drake

Waste Coordinator

Jenny has been working with the waste team since joining the NHS in 2017. She moved into the CWC team as Waste Coordinator in 2021 after completing a Masters in Environmental Assessment and Management at the University of Brighton, with a dissertation looking at the reduction of glove use in healthcare environments. Her role is to ensure the smooth running of waste management processes across the Trust as well as supporting waste and circular economy policies.

‘This is an exciting time to be working with the Care Without Carbon team as healthcare waste has become much more of a focus recently. By reducing the amount of waste produced through our services and working towards a circular economy we can massively reduce the impact of healthcare upon the environment and it’s great to be able to help the Trust achieve these goals’.