A slight gastronomic detour to Poland…

Week 9 takes us to along our Fairytale route to Vordingborg twinned with Slupsk in Poland, so we thought why not go there for this week’s recipe.

lots of potatoes

Off the beaten path

The little town of Vordingbord is a last stop on our way to Copenhagen. It may not be well known but sometimes the places off the beaten track can be real gems.

This old ferry town sits on the island of Zealand, connected to the mainland by four bridges. It is home to the ruins of Vordingborg Castle, the old royal castle  built around 1364. Vordingborg Castle is the town’s most famous attraction. Goose Tower is the only remaining part of the castle, so named for a golden goose that sits on top. The tower became the  first protected historic monument in Denmark.

It is twinned with a town in Poland called Slupsk, which is home to Atmosphere, one of the best restaurants in Poland, so we’re taking our recipe inspiration from there.

Comfort food packed with flavour

Atmosphere is famous for a menu packed with flavour, which features Polish classic dishes such as Pierogi amongst other things.

potato pierogi (polish dumplings)

A wonderful homely dish, that is happily meat free, we think it is perfect for the cooler early spring months when comfort eating is still a temptation.

Pierogi are small dumplings stuffed with cheese and served with softened onions. We have found a great recipe that  has come down through generations. Find it here.

There is a lot of goodness in these dumplings, potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and the cheese is a great source of calcium. Plus they have a real feelgood factor with squidgy carby joy in every bite.