A green mountain to climb

Vermont is one of the destinations on our Great Frontier Route, the name means Green Mountain in French which we love.

vermont green countryside

A breath of fresh air

Our Step Up Routes for recipe inspirations takes us to Vermont, which before becoming a US State was its own country that chose to abolish slavery.

If you like maple syrup you’ll like this State, which is the biggest producer of the syrup in the US.

maple trees collecting maple syrup
Sugar Maple trees take 40 years to grow big enough to tap for sap to make maple syrup

Montpelier Vermont is the only city in the whole of America to not have a McDonalds in it, which is pretty amazing.

The State is famous for its natural beauty, with staggering mountains, forests and hiking trails. The locals are keen to look after their natural heritage and the whole state supports a more local, home grown, hand crafted way of life. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream made its home here for that very reason.

Keeping it fresh and local

Vermont likes to celebrate what it has, and it grows some great crops including corn.

A local dish is Vermont Corn Chowder, a simple but rich soup to warm you through after a good hike out in nature. Find the recipe here.  Vermont is famous for producing good cheese which is key to this dish, so do take the time to find a good local alternative.

We can’t ignore the maple though, maple syrup is just a flavour sensation. While it can be enjoyed on a simple pancake, the local Maple Cream Pie is a calorie intense taste bud pleaser. Check out this recipe, we think its okay if you don’t have Vermont Maple Syrup, any will do the trick for this recipe.