A great sea port and great comfort food

Week 7 of our Step Up Recipe Routes takes us to the sea port of Hamburg, as part of our Fairytale Route

A great sea port and great comfort food

Hamburg - it made the Beatles famous

The German port of Hamburg is a stop along our Fairytale Route, and this historic city offers a rich heritage for visitors, including some delicious food.

It is perhaps best known to some as the place that the Beatles made their name, they famously played there on their way up to super stardom at the notorious Indra club, right by the city’s Reeperbahn red-light district back in the 1960’s.

Beatles Platz in Hamburg features statues of the Fab Four

Hamburg is a large city, and our final destination on the Fairytale Route, Copenhagen, could fit inside Hamburg 8.5 times!

The city has a vast amount of bridges, around 2500 in total which is more than London, Venice and Amsterdam combined. The  city encourages visitors to explore all its places by bike, and it only costs 12 euros per day to hire one.

A real Hamburg speciality

As a port city Hamburg cuisine is has a big international influence, and it features many staples of German cuisine, but there are several dishes that are unique to Hamburg and one of the tastiest we found is Franzbrötchen, a sort of flaky cinnamon roll that you can really only find in this city.

Have a go at making your own Franzbrötchen using this recipe on the My German Recipes website – find it here. It is deliciously sweet and traditionally served with coffee, the perfect treat after a long walk.