A good old fashioned movie night

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, curling up in front of a good film can be the perfect way to end your day.

laptop with a Columbia film credit on the screen and a candle beside it

Escapism can be the very thing we need sometimes...

The cinemas may not all be open but you can still escape into a good film with your very own home-cinema experience. We celebrate the joy of movie night.

There is something wonderfully relaxing about getting lost in a good film, it can take you away for awhile to someplace different and sometimes that is exactly what we need.

We’ve got some great tips to make your movie night magical.

First of all make sure you pick the right film for everyone. It can be tricky to meet everyone’s tastesĀ  but is well worth the effort to find a film that will please the crowd. Of course if its just for you the choice is a lot easier but make sure to pick a film that matches your mood, if you’ve had a tough day maybe a comedy?

popcorn in a pan and in a box with movie night on it

Popcorn is a must – make your own for the full experience. This BBC Goodfood recipe makes a perfect batch. There is something very soothing about the hand to mouth action of munching popcorn while glued to the screen. There is a study exploring whether popcorn is good for you or not – it is a good source of fibre, and it also contains antioxidants which can be really good for us. You can find out more here on the NHS website about this one – just remember go easy on salt or sugar if you want to keep your popcorn healthy.

Have drinks to hand, and plan in an interval so people can take a comfort break without missing out on the show. You can top up popcorn supplies then too!

Finally, make sure there is time after to have a good old chat about the film, who liked what and why (or who hated it) and if you’d recommend it to a friend.

Maybe movie night could be a monthly regular event and you could pick themes – you might discover films you would never watch otherwise!