5 Green Newsletters for your inbox as part of 60 Days Green

60 Days Green is bursting with ways you can try something new to help reduce your carbon footprint and live a bit greener. Signing up for newsletters with tips and ideas is one way you can learn more…

5 Green Newsletters for your inbox as part of 60 Days Green

Get informed on a weekly basis

As part of 60 Days Green we offer a huge range of ideas to help you try new things to reduce your impact on the environment and contribute to us all reducing carbon emissions.

One of the ideas is to sign up to a green newsletter, to help you find a regular source of ideas and inspiration and to stay informed on what is happening with our climate.

Below are 5 newsletters we think you might enjoy – and don’t forget if you sign up and then change your mind, unsubscribe, as a busting inbox places a strain on the servers which mean they use more energy and therefore add to carbon emissions!

  1. The Guardian’s Green Light email brings you all the latest on the environment each week.
  2. One Green Planet offer a regular newsletter with stories, articles and recipes.
  3. The Grist is an American site but the content is great no matter where you live. You can subscribe for free to get regular updates.
  4. GreenHouse Morning News is a newsletter from GreenHouse PR, this one can be daily but covers a broad range of environmental/climate subjects.
  5. Edie.net is a great website packed with information. You can sign up to their newsfeed here.

And if you haven’t got involved with 60 Days Green yet, here’s how you can.