Annual Sustainability Progress Report 2017 for Care Without Carbon

SCFT’s Care Without Carbon team has produced its Annual Sustainability Progress Report 2017. We are working hard to create a better working life for our staff and a greener NHS.

Progress Report

A report with the reader in mind

At the heart of Care Without Carbon is our ambition to get everyone thinking about how they can be more sustainable, not just within healthcare but across the board.

We hope to achieve this by talking clearly and openly about the work we do, why we do it and what we are achieving.

With clarity comes understanding, with understanding comes action. And with action comes change.

Our work in 2017, as detailed in our latest Annual Sustainability Progress Report, demonstrates the effectiveness of this principle.

We’re proud of our achievements, while recognising that there is much more we can do.

We invite you to have a read, and welcome your views.

Read the report here

Or you can download the PDF here.