20 easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment for 2020

Welcome to a shiny New Year! If you’re wondering how you can create change in 2020 we have 20 easy ways to help you create less waste, less carbon, maybe even save some money and boost wellbeing into the bargain!

20 easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment for 2020

Choose from this list of 20 ideas that anyone can do!

If you would like to make 2020 the year that you do things differently then we have some easy ideas that will add up to a healthier planet for us all to enjoy…

Getting around

1 Walk somewhere you would usually drive just once in the week, every week.

2 Dig out the bicycle and aim for one day per week when you use it for journey.

3 Find out who lives near you from work and arrange to car share between you.

4 Switch off your engine when you are stationary even if for a minute- always.

Going shopping

5 Always have a reusable bag handy for those days when you shop when you weren’t expecting to.

6 Invest in reusable containers and find your local refill store for things like cereal, flour, shampoo and cleaning products.

7 Choose local suppliers over supermarket chains.

8 Grow your own veggies and invest in some seeds to start planting in March.

9 Choose loose veg and fruit instead of the plastic packaged options.

Eating and drinking

10 Invest in a lunch tin and bring in your own meals to work.

11 Ditch disposable coffee cups and treat yourself to a reusable cup – you’ll save money off the price of a coffee in lots of outlets now too.

12 Choose to go meat free just one day per week.

13 Stay hydrated all day long by drinking the recommended 2 liters of water per day from a lovely reusable water bottle (stainless steel is better than plastic).

14 Eat seasonally from local sources for the lowest food miles.

15 Donate any food that might otherwise go to waste to your local community fridge, or food bank (or even offer it to the neighbours!).

Energy use

16 Swap your energy supplier for one that is only renewable energy.


17 When you’re too hot turn down the thermostat, don’t open a window.

18 When you’re too cold make sure doors are closed to reduce drafts and to keep the heat in the room.

19 Switch off the microwave at the wall when not in use – that clock draws a lot of energy to keep it going!

20 Unsubscribe from email lists that you just delete when they hit your inbox, servers that store emails have quite a big carbon footprint.

Make your pledge

If any of these ideas feel like something you could do then check out our dares page to make your pledge to do something differently, or to commit to keep doing something you already do. The more people we can see doing these sort of things, the more others will  be encouraged to do the same!

Happy New Year!