Reducing carbon for healthier lives

Climate change is directly impacting our health
in Sussex, Surrey and beyond.


We're coming together through Care Without Carbon to deliver a greener NHS - because reducing emissions means reducing admissions.

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Together to Zero.

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Celebrating our Zero Heroes

Dr Abigail Fryimage of Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome

Catalin's 'switch it off' challenge

Catalin volunteered to feature in a series of posters at SASH, asking people to pledge to remember to switch off lights, laptops, monitors, mobile phone chargers etc. Posters went up around Trust sites to raise awareness of the need to Switch it off'.
Catalin's story
Dr Abigail Fry

Dr Abigail Fry

Dr Abigail Fry spent one day a week helping practices to engage with the Green Impact for Health Toolkit to provide them with a practical set of actions to track progress towards achieving net zero carbon.
Dr Abigail's story
image of Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome

Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome

Dr Ralph Mortimer-Roome saw an opportunity to support his colleagues and patients to increase the number of journeys they take with active travel.
Dr Ralph's story

Sussex Community introduces Care Without Carbon

Our framework for sustainable healthcare has lead the way in Sussex and beyond since 2014.

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Cutting Carbon

Hospitals and health care premises in Sussex reduced the amount of carbon used annually on purchased electricity by 19,000 tonnes; equates to driving your car around the equator 2,800 times.

Improving Care Delivery

The NHS in Sussex has reduced its annual use of the anaesthetic gas desflurane by 1,700 equivalent tonnes of carbon each year. That's the same as the amount of CO2 found in 850,000 fire extinguishers.
Fire extinguishers

Reducing Waste

The amount of waste produced at NHS premises has been reduced by 3,000 equivalent tonnes of carbon each year; equates to 1,800 return flights from London to New York.