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Water Wise Trusts save money

29 August 2017

A new water saving campaign is launching at SCFT to help use our natural resources wisely, save money and feel better...

water wise

More recycling from pen to paper

04 August 2017

The more recycling we can do the better, so why are do we not recycle more?

more recycling

From waste trainer to Dare Champion

10 April 2017

Waste Trainer Gemma tells us why she got involved with Dare to Care and why more people should be choosing dares too.

Waste Trainer

Eco Easter Inspirations

07 April 2017

Enjoy and eco-Easter! Transform your Easter celebrations with these great tips

Eco Easter

The Dare Truth - Paper Cut

24 February 2017

We worked out how each dare helps us save money, cut carbon and improve wellbeing in line with our Care Without Carbon strategy.

The Dare truth - Paper Cut

12 ways of Christmas

05 December 2016

In a little twist on the traditional 12 days of Christmas, we are sharing 12 ways to make your Christmas a little bit greener…

ways of christmas

If it’s broken, fix it

27 September 2016

Our throw away culture is costing us more than the contents of our wallets. We need to think repair and reuse instead of bin it.

fix it yourself rather than buy it again

Zero Waste Life in 5 easy steps

15 August 2016

Zero waste living is possible as US blogger Mailyn reveals. Her five R's of zero waste are easy to follow for everyone....

Zero Waste Life in 5 easy steps

Annual Sustainability Report – SCFT first in the NHS

08 August 2016

In a first for the NHS Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) has published a separate annual sustainability report to detail its progress towards its vision of truly sustainable healthcare.

annual sustainability report

One person’s waste is another person’s treasure

22 June 2016

Everything we consume has an environmental price tag – but we’re finding ingenious ways to reduce the cost to our planet and even pay a little something back…

One person’s waste is another person’s treasure

A green bag for a greener NHS

16 May 2016

According to the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, 22% of NHS England carbon footprint is pharmaceuticals of which 79% is in primary care. Clearly there is a lot we can do to improve our prescribing approach – not just for the planet but also for our patients.

A green bag for a greener NHS

Prescription for a planet

10 May 2016

Procurement – in particular pharmaceuticals accounts for a huge percentage of the NHS’s carbon footprint. The sad fact is that much of this medication is wasted and never even taken. A recent pilot study in Brighton & Hove shows how tackling this 'carbon hotspot' can reap big rewards...

Prescription for a planet

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