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Annual Sustainability Progress Report 2017 for Care Without Carbon

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Progress Report

Have yourself a green Christmas

21 December 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We've come to know Christmas as a time of excess, but traditionally it was a lot more homespun and sustainable.

Smart metering to save money

18 December 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The Government wants us all to have a smart meter by 2020 - but what's the benefit?

smart metering

PODCAST! Food to make you feel fab!

20 November 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Welcome to our latest podcast with Jess from the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. She shares with us the ways food can make you feel fabulous...


Lunch and learn - more events for you!

31 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We are delighted that Lunch and Learn sessions continue to prove popular. So we've arranged more into 2018.

lunch & learn

PODCAST - Fuel Power!

30 October 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

We interviewed the Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-Op for our latest podcast on ways to harness fuel-power for a more energy-efficient life.

Fuel Power

More recycling from pen to paper

04 August 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

The more recycling we can do the better, so why are do we not recycle more?

more recycling

Use every drop

25 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to stay well, so why aren’t we doing it? We talked to our infection control team to find out…

use every drop

Pollen count help for hay-fever sufferers

05 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Hayfever can be a real pain for sufferers - this handy infographic can help know what pollen triggers yours...

Pollen count

Fighting Fuel Poverty – Stories from the Frontlines

05 July 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op can help you manage your household fuel bills. We asked Dan Curtis Customer Services & Marketing Co-ordinator to share more…

Fighting Fuel Poverty

Ditch the car for cleaner air

12 June 2017

By Oliver Slaughter

Dare to join us and leave the car at home on 15th June in support of cleaner air for all. National clean air day is mobilising health and care workers across the country to take action.

ditch the car

Get on your bike with your local cycling club

05 May 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

As part of our Wellbeing@Work Fetsival the Crawley Wheelers share with us why you should get on two wheels more often…

Get on your bike

Crochet your way to wellbeing

25 April 2017

By Hayley Carmichael

Keen crochet expert Eleonora Tully is providing a free crochet taster for SCFT staff as part of Wellbeing@Work Festival. She tells us why this wonderful craft can be good for the mind...

crochet queen

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