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Water is precious; let’s make best use of it

10 October 2017

Saving water comes with the added benefit of saving money. We asked Southern Water to share some top tips with us…

water drop

Water Wise Trusts save money

29 August 2017

A new water saving campaign is launching at SCFT to help use our natural resources wisely, save money and feel better...

water wise

Fuel Poverty Lunch & Learn Film

26 July 2017

Our fuel poverty lunch & learn session, presented by Dr Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex is available as a film for those that couldn't make it along.

fuel poverty

Use every drop

25 July 2017

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to stay well, so why aren’t we doing it? We talked to our infection control team to find out…

use every drop

Fighting Fuel Poverty – Stories from the Frontlines

05 July 2017

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op can help you manage your household fuel bills. We asked Dan Curtis Customer Services & Marketing Co-ordinator to share more…

Fighting Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty and health - next lunch & learn in June

08 May 2017

Come and hear De Mari Martiskainen from the University of Sussex speak about the ways we can help tackle fuel poverty in our communities, to help reduce the health problems this can cause.

fuel poverty

The Dare Truth – Switch it off

16 January 2017

We worked with the New Economic Foundation to find out exactly how each dare helps us save money, cut carbon and improve wellbeing in line with our Care Without Carbon strategy.

The Dare Truth

Annual Sustainability Report – SCFT first in the NHS

08 August 2016

In a first for the NHS Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT) has published a separate annual sustainability report to detail its progress towards its vision of truly sustainable healthcare.

annual sustainability report

One person’s waste is another person’s treasure

22 June 2016

Everything we consume has an environmental price tag – but we’re finding ingenious ways to reduce the cost to our planet and even pay a little something back…

One person’s waste is another person’s treasure

Partners in greener working

20 June 2016

Capita Health Partners celebrate ‘Green Week’ to showcase more sustainable working and support innovative thinking

Partners in greener working

Healthy Homes

13 June 2016

Health begins at home. Improving the energy efficiency of homes can help combat health problems that cost the NHS millions. So it makes perfect sense to tackle the root causes of health problems and reap environmental benefits too…

Healthy Homes

Changing the world drop by drop

22 March 2016

World Water Day, a UN international event, takes place this year on 22 March. Water is the great leveler - every living thing on earth needs it to survive.

Changing the world drop by drop

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